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Glass trade

In the Frauenau Glass Museum
Anno 1607

Votive picture
Glass carriage

The glassworks in the Bavarian-Bohemian Forest Mountains produced the finest glass, which was coveted far beyond the region. Carriers and glass carts transported it to all four corners of the world. 

Well packed in straw and stacked in crates, the glass travelled in the carts. It was no easy task for the glass merchants to get the glass to the customers undamaged. The roads were bad and many an obstacle awaited them on the arduous journey.

Text of the votive picture:

The honourable Bare Blassiuß Keitzl, a burgher and glass merchant in Gravenau, has therefore promised this document to God to grant him happiness and salvation in water and land and to grant him eternal freedom and peace. Anno 1607

Historically unbreakable

Glass cylinder
in straw

The individual glass cylinders were packed as compactly as possible into individual blocks so that they could then be stacked stably and space-savingly in the trolleys. 

Glastransport Verpackung
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