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General information about the Glass Museum

The Frauenau Glass Museum shows its visitors
the history of glass.
The exhibition shows many different things made of glass.

For example:

  • Very old glasses from antiquity
    That means:
    The jars are about 2 thousand years old.
  • Glass artworks from the present day

The Frauenau Glass Museum is divided into 3 exhibition areas.

Each exhibition area shows a different theme about glass:

  • the history of glass
  • the production of glass
  • Modern art made of glass
The 3 exhibition areas

In the first exhibition area See
You the History of glass.

You can see:

  • when which glass was produced,
  • what these glasses looked like.

Glass, for example, used to be produced in these areas of the world:

  • in Mesopotamia
    It is spoken like this: Meso-po-tamia
    Mesopotamia is an area in the west of Asia.
    Today, parts of the countries of Syria, Iran, Iraq
    and Turkey.
  • in Rome
  • in Venice
  • in France
  • in Bavaria and Bohemia
    Bohemia exists today not more.
    It used to be part of the Czech Republic.

In the second exhibition area see
the Production of glass.
You can see the different work areas in a glassworks.
A glassworks is a workshop.
Glass is produced there.
Several glassmakers work together in a glassworks.
Everyone there has their own tasks in glass production.

You can see these work areas there, for example:

  • the creation of a draft:
    A design is the first idea before a glass is produced.
    The idea is a drawing on paper.
  • working at the glass furnace
  • the refinement of glass
    That means:
    First, the glass is produced.
    The glass can then be embellished.

    For example:

    • by painting
    • by grinding
    • or by carving something into the glass.
      Another word for this is engraving.

There are many real tools from glassworks in the exhibition
in the neighbourhood. 
This allows you to visualise the work better.
In this area you can also see
This is how life used to be in a glassmaking village.

In the third exhibition area you can
Modern glass art view.

There are many different works of art made of glass.

The works of art should show you that:

  • the great ideas from the artists,
  • what can be made from glass.
The outdoor area of the Glass Museum

There is a park around the museum.
The park is called:
Glass gardens
In this park you can admire over 30 large works of art made of glass.

There is also a large playground for children.

On the playground, for example:

  • Swings
  • Slides
  • a climbing frame
Where can I get something to eat or drink?

There is a café in the entrance area.
You can enjoy coffee and cake there.
Or other small meals and cold drinks.

When can you visit the Frauenau Glass Museum?

The museum has from Tuesday to Sunday open.
The museum is also open on public holidays.
You can visit the museum on these days from 9 am to 5 pm visit.
The museum is always closed on Mondays.
Is Monday a public holiday?
Then the museum is still open.

Important note:

The entire museum, the toilets and the café are
for wheelchair users barrier-free.

There are, for example:

  • a lift
  • and a lift.
    Sometimes there can be steps in a room.
    The room then has 2 or more levels.
    People in wheelchairs can use a lift to
    to the various levels.
How you can reach us

Do you have any questions?
Then you are welcome to contact us.
Either by e-mail or by telephone.

Our e-mail address:

Our telephone number:

Perhaps you will visit us soon.

We look forward to your visit!

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