Il Bambino romantico
18 April 2024

Purchase of an Amoruso work with funds from the SCHAEFER Foundation

We had to choose between all the wonderful figures, busts and heads by Giampaolo Amoruso. It really wasn't easy.

In the end, the choice fell on Il Bambino romantico from 2022

Our Instagram followers had the right instinct and clearly voted for this sculpture when we asked them to vote for it in March shortly before the end of the exhibition!

The enchanting figure now greets everyone on the upper floor of the museum who finds their way into the study collection, the Bramenkamp Art Nouveau collection or the second part of the Modernism section. The SCHAEFER Foundation with its tobacco glass treasures is also located on the upper floor.

And it is this SCHAEFER Foundation that made it possible for us to buy this romantic chap in the first place.
Therefore, our special thanks go to Heiner Schaefer, who supports our museum again and again with purchases or takes them over completely, as in this case! The Glass Museum sincerely thanks him!

And the title head of the Amoruso exhibition "Tête aux abeilles - Bienenkopf", which everyone knows from the poster and catalogue, has also found a temporary home in our collection as a permanent loan.

It now also sits enthroned in our display case for new acquisitions, directly opposite Erwin Eisch's installation Narcissus This magnificent work from the early studio glass movement has recently acquired a very special symbolism.

Since Wednesday, 20 March, the news has quickly made the rounds - at least among Passauer Neue Presse insiders and readers:
The "Studio Glass Movement in Frauenau", initiated by Erwin Eisch, has found a place in the Bavarian State Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage as a so-called "practical example - best practice" on the initiative of Bild-Werk Frauenau. Our warmest congratulations!

This distinction, together with the recently (6.12.23) awarded title of Intangible UNESCO World Heritage Site: Handcrafted glass productionan extremely encouraging and media-effective achievement.

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