Study collection
Discover something special


The study collection at the end of the tour offers a whole range of special features and presents several specialised collections. The Schaefer Foundation's exhibition area is dedicated to the snuff jars so typical of the Bavarian Forest. The most beautiful pieces from the Schaefer Foundation's collection are on display. This is probably the largest and most exclusive collection of snuff glasses in the world. 

Jewellery glass

Glass beads, necklaces, rings, brooches and buttons in every conceivable variation can be seen in the "Jewellery Glass" collection. The pieces of jewellery come from the estate of the bead and button pattern maker Franz Josef Ginzel (1898 - 1960) from Gablonz. They are sometimes sparkling and elegant, sometimes colourful and eye-catching. 

Special features

The French Art Nouveau glass section is a real treasure trove. The exhibits are products from the most prestigious glass manufacturers in Lorraine, such as Daum and Gallé. The collection was donated by the collector couple Dr Hedwig and Walter Bramenkamp from Landau an der Isar and was impressively staged with funds from the Bramenkamp Foundation. 

You can also immerse yourself in the colourful motifs of Bohemian paperweights, explore reverse glass paintings from all over the world and explore other special collections.