Rainer Metzger: The next moment
19 November - 17 March 2024

The next moment

Rainer Metzger himself describes his works as "painted life". He captures moments in his paintings - moments that are the beginning of a story. The viewer is literally drawn into the picture. It is up to them to imagine how the story will continue.

Rainer Metzger is particularly fond of urban scenes. Whether in a café, at a petrol station or in the middle of traffic, he knows how to give his motifs their very own atmosphere. He also expresses moods in nature with skilful brushstrokes. The soft contours and the play with light, be it the light of the sun or the neon lights of the city, are characteristic of the works of the painter, who works in Frauenau.

His works in glass are mostly produced using the Graal glass technique. A cologne is painted, then reheated in a glass furnace, coated with clear glass and moulded into a vessel. In this way, the panorama-like images are enclosed in the glass, the moments are preserved.

In the cabinet of the Frauenau Glass Museum he shows an insight into his pictorial worlds on glass and his paintings in oil and acrylic.

Exhibition duration

19 November - 17 March 2024
Open Tue - Sun 9-17 h
Currently in the glass museum

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