30 April 2023 - 05 November 2023
In the large hall

Michael Behrens: Earth

Since 2003, Michael Behrens' sculptural works have been shown in over 250 solo and group exhibitions worldwide. They found their way into public collections early on. His sculptures, some of which are monumental, have attracted international attention.

He has created five series of works to date: Under- water, Landscapes, Seaforms, Phoenix and Evolution. The EARTH exhibition now shows all five of his work series together in a unified context for the first time. Over 40 selected objects from 20 years of work will be presented. These are inspired by sensory impressions gathered while travelling to various places around the world. The unifying element is water: omnipresent and the basis of all life. Behrens' vision was and is to create objects in which the energy of nature can be seen and felt.

Exhibition duration

30 April 2023 - 05 November 2023
Open Tue - Sun 9-17 h
Currently in the glass museum

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