01 October 2023 - 05 November 2023
In the cabinet

Hearts of Glass

The project www.heartsofglass.net was created during the coronavirus era, when exchange and encounters were only possible virtually. Hearts made of steel and glass were sent to artists worldwide.

Colourless, transparent, empty. The participants could do whatever they wanted with it; the only condition was that all actions were documented and uploaded to the specially created website. The result is an exciting and diverse blog that includes everything from the documentation of performative and installative actions to video and sound art. From Hamlet to the search for a home, from burning hearts sunk in the sea and flying into the sky to buried, embroidered and bee-infested hearts, the stories told are as profound and often very personal as they are experimental, bizarre or politically committed.

Now the hearts, together with the objects created by the artists and the accompanying photos and video documentation, have been removed from the virtual world and shown in an exhibition.

heartsofglass.net was initiated and realised by Simone Fezer and Ele Runge. Although only planned for one year, the project is still running. Over 40 people worldwide are now involved.

Simone Fezer - Ele Runge - Kyoko Takeuchi - Cristina Czetto
Sonja van der Burg - Patrizia Sichmanová - Nancy Sutcliffe
Frank Brückner - Angela Köllisch - Yvonne Brückner - Rob Stern
Thomas Viebach - Stefan Mayer - Barbara Lorenz Höfer
Barbara Bucher & Jean Marc Dufour - Maria Gideon
Panka Chirer-Geyer - Anne Hein - Johanna Mangold
Jakobine von Dömming - Katharina Holstein Sturm - Zamal
Cheryl Derricotte - Julija Prociute - Anna Goldmund
Marta Isabel Ramírez Silva - Sadhbh Mowlds - Shari Hopper
Euroglas - Adnan Schrade - EBBA Kaynak - Ingalena Klenell
Alexandra Lesch - Maria Phillips - Daniela Edele
Christiane Steiner - Elizabeth Ross - Heidemaria Thiele
Annette Schock

Exhibition duration

01 October 2023 - 05 November 2023
Open Tue - Sun 9-17 h
Currently in the glass museum

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